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Kirk Farms' Breeding & Kidding Schedule

Breeding shall commence in the months of November, December, & January for the majority of does. Breeding during this timeframe allows for kidding to take place during warmer weather, without the use of heat lamps in barns which create a fire hazard. This is a risk the owner prefers not to take. Warming barrels will be provided to kids if needed. Kidding during the months of February, March, April, and May coincides with demand for kids in Northwest Ohio. As 4-H programs begin and as people start thinking for adding goats to their operation this timeframe allows goat kids to be sold quickly after weaning. Breeding at another time could occur under special circumstances. 

Our commitment: We will never knowingly breed a goat with a known genetic defect or disqualifying feature against the breed standards.  Any goat that does not meet the breed standard is immediately removed from our breeding program.

2022 Schedule

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