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Kirk Farms' Reference Goats

As we seek to move forward in our endeavors, may we not forget the goats that got us where we are today. 

Sweet T's Bleats QueenFrostine
Sweet T's Bleats QueenFrostine

SS: Buttin'Heads Stapal Gun

SIRE: Fields Of Grace SG Lorenzo

SS: Dragonfly IH Lorelei

DS: Little Tots Estate Acer Rubrum

DAM: Mini SweetLand PeppermintPatty

DD: Art & Animals Farm Buttercream

Knabbs BitOHeaven Little Raven
2F udder_edited.jpg

SS: Trotting C Farm Joseph

SIRE: Trotting C Farm Mighty Fine

SD:  Trotting C Farm Miss Molly

DS: Sugar Moon Iza Black Maple

DAM: Digging Deeper Evangalina

DD: Digging Deeper Alina Quintina

Knabbs BitOHeaven Little Raven
Kirk Farms Judaroo's Lucky 7

SS: Tempting Willows Snap Dragon *B

SIRE: Tempting Willows Lightening

SD:  CUatLilRedBarn Misty

DS: Fields of Grace SG Lorenzo

DAM: Sweet T's Bleats QueenFrostine

DD: Mini Sweetland PeppermintPatty

Kirk Farms Judaroo's Lucky 7
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