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Herd Health - 2022 Biosecurity Results

We believe in only keeping the healthiest and most well-cared for animals on our farm.

In 2022, Kirk Farms tested our herd for CAE, CL, Johnes, Brucellosis & Q-Fever. All results were negative and are posted here. In 2023, we changed to Texas A&M's lab and results for each animal were sent on separate pages and can be found on the goat's individual page.  All results were negative for CAE, CL & Johnes.  We did not test Brucellosis & Q-Fever in 2023.   

We test for these diseases as they are degenerative and contagious. Some are even zoonotic meaning other species including humans can also be infected. It is of the utmost importance to disease test your herd, especially if you welcome farm visitors or attend shows where transmissibility is high. 

Kirk Farms Dairy Goat Nutrition 

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**Disclaimer - Our nutrition program is designed to meet our particular farm's needs based on nutritional information gathered from our water supply, forage, as well as all minerals and grain. Our program works well for us, however, may not work for you. It is your responsibility to consult a feed representative and livestock veterinarian with any questions you may have as well as sample hay & water to get the most accurate nutrition and mineral levels for management. **

Our goal is to meet the nutritional needs of the herd by providing a balanced diet as recommended by our Kalmbach nutritionist.

Free-choice early to mid-bloom alfalfa hay and/or free-choice orchard grass-blend hay is available at all times. We prioritize using only Kalmbach feeds: Start Right Medicated Kid Feed, Milk Maker, Goat Granola & Sweetlix Meat Maker minerals.

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