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Kirk Farms' Sales Policy

Kirk Farms sells goat kids on the bottle at 4 weeks of age and dam-raised kids after weaning. All kids sold will be up to date on CD&T vaccinations as well as coccidia prevention. Kids will also come disbudded and with ears tattooed. Our kids are disbudded by a veterinarian, whom we have had a decades-long relationship with. At the time of disbudding, our kids receive an extensive physical exam. All goats for sale are deemed healthy at the time of pick-up. Once a goat leaves the farm & our management practices, we make no claims or guarantees toward its health & well-being.


All our goats are registered with ADGA and can also be registered with AGS per your request. We will on occasion have wethers available, without registration paperwork.


From time to time we will breed our does and sell them as bred or exposed and offer a service memo.


We reserve the right to withhold any goat at any time.


There is no charge to be placed on our waiting list. We will call in the order that we receive the inquiry for the desired pairing.


Once you have made a final selection on a goat, we require a deposit of 50% down. We are a first come, first serve farm. If you really want the goat, then a deposit is required. If you cancel after a deposit is sent, your deposit will be applied toward a future goat purchase from us. We accept Venmo and PayPal friends & family option ONLY. Purchased goats must be picked up within 7 days or all monies paid will be forfeited, unless prior arrangements have been agreed upon.  After 7 days a room & board fee of $5 per day will accrue. 


If you require a CVI, please give us 2 weeks’ notice as we are at the mercy of our veterinarian’s busy schedule. If transportation is needed, we recommend Brian Barlow and Tarr Valley.

Please contact us for more information.

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